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Unit 2 : Family Life

Article 3 : Life Jackets: It’s better to be safe than sorry

This article is about the importance of life jackets, especially to the children when they are in the water.Based on this article,we know that parents should take extra precaution with their children’s safety. In example,they should make sure that their children do not swim in choppy seas and treacherous conditions. Children who are unable to swim should not be allowed in the water without adult supervision and they also must wear life jackets for their safety.In this article ,the author exposed that there are some places that the practice of wearing life jacket has not been enforced effectively in the boat because of poor supervision by the authorities. As a result,this situation may lead into drowning or fatalities,especially in the event of life-threatening situation. Therefore,the authorities,as well as parents must pay full attention to their children while they are swimming in the water or when they are in the boat or sampan. They must think that it is better for children to be safe than sorry, and always precautious about children’s safety,because the prevention is better than cure.

Article 4 : Your money: preparing for the baby

This article is about some issues that should be considered before we want to embark our journey to parenthood. Based on this article, we can know that the writer told us an example of a couple who attempt very hard to make sure that they can life comfortably.The writer also explained that we must get ourself totally prepared for this parenthood adventure,include our physical,mental,emotional and financial.What he most important and crucial things to think is financial capabalities. This is because having a baby will increase our daily and monthly expenses.the diapers,baby formula and place or cost of childcare are some of the things that should be considered because it may increase our expenses. Hence,the couple (parents ) should discuss and plan objectively to make sure that they will life comfortably with their baby or children by saving their money and managing budgets or expenses perfectly.

Unit 3 : Technology

Article 5 : Hundred of TVs stations plan Feb 17 digital switch

I have read this article that explained most of the TVs stations plan to replace their analog network broadcasts with digital network broadcasts. So there is a wait lists of users to get coupons so that they can change it with subsidizes converter boxes from the government. They believe this transition is important because digital signals are more efficient than analog ones. TVs connected to cable or satellite services are not affected by the analog shutdowns that are planned by the TVs stations. In my opinion, this transition is reasonable in this globalization period,which need us to use the high and sophisticated technology. However,the TVs stations should perpetuate the analog network broadcasts because the users should be given a right to choose which types of network broadcast that they want to use for their TVs.

Article 6 : Introducing the World’s Smallest Full-Page Printer

Nowadays, there are many companies or individual who try to produce the best product for the users. One of the new sophisticated technology is the world’s smallest full-page printer are produced by PlanOn,the makers of the Award-Winning Docupen Portable Scanner Pen.The size of this printer is just 1 inch(height),10.75 inches(width) and 1.9 inches(deep).this 1.5 pound mobile printer is available for USB 2.0 port and also support Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly print from devices. Beside that, this printer is rechargeable by Lithium-Ion battery. What the most important is we can print e-mails, documents, and images on –the-spot by using this sophisticated printer. Although supplies can be pricey, but it is reasonable based on the benefits and advantages that we can get when we buy this world’s smallest full-pages printer.

Unit 4 : Health

Artice 7 : Eat out and still eat right.

I have learnt many useful informations from this article especially about some basic strategies on how to maintain our health and to save our expenses when we eat out such as at restaurants. What the most important is we must choose the restaurant that have the good service for their customers.We also must read the nutrient’s informations of each menu before we order any menu. It is important for us to know about the amount of calories of our menus or meals. Beside that, we can maintain our waistline by asking the half portions of any meals or menus that we want to eat. The broth-based soup or salad should be ordered and eat before the entrée. In my opinion, it is beter for us to eat at home because we – or our parents - can prepare the healthy menu, because the healthy menu can prevent us from disease or healthy problems.

Article 8 : Diagnosed with diabetes? Advice for a new life

This article is about some advices for a better life, especially for people who are newly diagnosed with diabetes. It is because they usually highly motivated to improve their lifestyles but they don’t know how to begin making changes. In this article, the author describes that exercise is important thing that should be done to prevent pre-diabetes from graduating to diabetes. However, eating wisely is the method to maintain our health and to prevent us from any disease includes diabetes. In order to begin a better life, we must try to deal with stress by looking for things that bring us joy. Get away from work to take a break and surround ourselves with people who are willing to laugh and share humorous anecdotes with them will help us to avoid stress.

Unit 5 : International Scientist

Article 9 : Scientist explains why they plagiarize

Plagiarism can be defined as someone’s act of plagiarizing or copying another person’s ideas, words or works, and pretend that they are their own. The scientist explained that it is just to easy for them to cut and paste someone’s ideas. “The other guy did it” is one of the popular excuses that is given by plagiarists including the scientists to support this negative behavior. The most alarming thing is this plagiarism also can be seen in data and report that is done by doctors. However the biggest plagiarism is self-plagiarism. This is because there are many researchers who copy their work again and again and republishing old data in varied journals. In my opinion, the plagiarism is an action that should not be allowed because everyone must appreciate others ideas or works.

Article 10 : Kepler launches to find new planets

The aim of new mission launched by NASA recently is to find the answer whether earth is the only habitable planet in this galaxy. So, the Kepler spacecrafts journey is a first for NASA because it is essentially a search for another habitable planet like earth. In this mission, Kepler will follow the earth‘s orbit, besides monitoring 1000 stars. An object, like a planet passes in front of it and blocks the light will be recorded by Kepler every time. Then, scientist try to figure out if that object were in fact a planet and if it is the size of the earth. Next,the distance between the planet and a star will be measured by NASA Ames researchers. The planets would be freezing and uninhabitable if it is too far from the star, and it would be too hot or nothing would survive if it is to close from star. In my opinion, the earth is the only habitable planet and we are alone in this galaxy. However,it will be good to know if there are life forms like earth in this galaxy, and it is probably also with intelligent life like human being.

Unit 6 : Earth Sources and Danger

Article 11 : Oil falls below $45 after OPEC delays cuts

This article is about the decrease of oils price because of the economic recession. The decision to delay cut output made by OPEC cartel caused the world oil price tumbled below $45 dollar a barrel in Asia trade. Actually, the OPEC oil ministers delays the decision to cut output so that they can give enough time to the leaders of the Group of 20 rich and emerging nation(G20) to discuss and respond to the global economic crisis. As we know, the global economic crisis that happened in the US recently caused the big effect to the economic condition of most country in the entire world, as well as Malaysia. So, various method either in the short or long term were planned by each country to maintain and increase their respective economic conditions.

Article 12 : Scientists have little hope of predicting quakes

Earthquakes or also called quakes can be describes as a sudden and violent shaking of the earth surface. Earthquake is a disaster that happened because of the natural phenomena. Usually, quake will caused bad damages to things and people are at high risks into death. Thus, scientists always try to predict this quake by using and referring into various facts and theories. However,we believe that predicting exactly when such shocks will occur remains an art beyond the reach of science. This is because scientist have a lots of theories about how earthquakes happen and until now there are no person who explained the data very well.

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UNIT 6 : The Earth's Resources and Damages

What are Aromatic Hydrocarbons?

There are much type of hydrocarbons and its there characteristic each of the hydrocarbons. An aromatic hydrocarbon is one type of hydrocarbons. Aromatic hydrocarbons are a class of chemical substances which are characterized by having molecular structures which are called benzene rings. Many aromatic hydrocarbons are toxic, and they are unfortunately among the most widespread of organic pollutants. A hydrocarbon is any chemical compound which contains only hydrogen and carbon. In fact, not all aromatic hydrocarbons smell; the scent was thought to be linked to the benzene ring, but it is actually caused by impurities but the name as stuck, as often happens in science even after new information on a topic has emerged, to minimize confusion. Each carbon atom has four electrons; two electrons link up with neighbouring carbon atoms, while one goes to a hydrogen atom. The fourth is what is known as a delocalized electron, meaning that it is not directly involved with a specific atom. Benzene rings are often drawn as hexagonal shapes with a circle in the middle to represent these delocalized electrons. Benzene happens to be a particularly toxic form of aromatic hydrocarbon. These aromatic hydrocarbons are created through incomplete combustion, which is why they are so widely distributed in the natural environment. An aromatic hydrocarbon may also be known in the abbreviated form of AH or as an arene.

Petroleum (Crude Oil)

Petroleum is mineral source that we must use in our daily. In every day, we must use petroleum resource in doing anything job. Crude oil like this blob of petroleum washes up on the beach at Coal Oil Point near Santa Barbara, California. It comes from natural seepage offshore. To know the aspect of crude oil is huge thicknesses of coarse sediment are laid down from the erosion of the rapidly uplifting Santa Ynez Mountains; at the same time, the waters of the channel are tremendously fertile, raining large amounts of dead organic matter onto the sediments. The sediments become rock, and over a few hundred thousand years, more or less, the organic matter within them is slowly cooked into petroleum. The same tectonic compression that pushes up the mountains crumples and tilts the seafloor rocks, and the crude oil finds openings in the coarse sandstone to trickle upward. If it reaches the sea floor, globs of it rise into the water and float ashore, fouling surfers and seals alike. If not, it may pool in oil-saturated zones where the rocks are folded into dome-shaped traps. Oil seeps occur on land, too, although there the product is usually asphalt.


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UNIT 5 : International Scientists

Sir Isaac Newton
Scientist and Mathematician,
1642 - 1727

This article is about Sir Isaac Newton background which is he is a popular scientist and mathematician in past of time. Newton was accomplishments in mathematics, optics, and physics laid the foundations for modern science and revolutionized the world that an important person for this world. He was born between 1642 or 1643 in Woolsthorpe, England. In education, Newton was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge where he lived from 1661 to 1696. During this period he produced the bulk of his work on mathematics. In 1696 he was appointed Master of the Royal Mint, and moved to London, where he resided until his death. Newton invented integral calculus, and jointly with Leibnitz, differential calculus and also calculated a formula for finding the velocity of sound in a gas. He defined the laws of motion and universal gravitation which he used to predict precisely the motions of stars, and the planets around the sun in impact on theoretical astronomy. Newton found science a hodgepodge of isolated facts and laws, capable of describing some phenomena, but predicting only a few. Newton died in London on March 20, 1727 and was buried in Westminster Abbey, the first scientist to be accorded this honour.

Alexander Graham Bell
1847 -1922

Alexander Graham Bell is person that emerge a revolution for a communication device for "transmitting vocal or other sounds telegraphically.” He is so famous inventor in this world which is as icon to for all inventors. Bell was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bell's telephone grew out of improvements he made to the telegraph. He had invented the "harmonic telegraph" which could send more than one message at a time over a single telegraph wire. Then, along with his assistant Thomas A. Watson, Bell constructed instruments that transmitted recognizable voice-like sounds. In 1876, three days after he received his first patent, Bell and Watson, located in different rooms, were about to test the new transmitter described in the patent. The first telephone company, Bell Telephone Company, was founded on July 9, 1877. After that, he invented the photophone-transmission of sound on a beam of light, which was a precursor of fiber-optics. He also invented techniques for teaching speech to the deaf. Bell was granted 18 patents in his name, and 12 he shared with collaborators.


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Vietnamese-American Scientist Wins Alfred P.Sloan Fellowship

There are many types of field such as physics, chemistry, molecular, biology, medicine, and mathematics. There are also several of fellowship will be given to another scientists. Alfred P.Sloan fellowship is the one of fellowship will be received by scientist which success in their studying and researching. The fellowship provides for two years to be used to studying anything. Dr Nguyen Thuc Quyen, Vietnamese-American scientist was received an Alfred P.Sloan scientific research fellowship.

The Alfred P.Sloan Foundation fellowship are open to professors at universities and colleges in the US and Canada in field of science, mathematics and economics. Dr Thuc Quyen is the one of the scientist that focuses on research into organic semiconductor. Before that, she was received other important award such as the Camille Dryfus Teacher Scholar, Plous Award in field of chemistry. From my opinion, an Alfred P.Sloan is the good fellowship can be given to another scientist to help them used it studying anything in which there are interested in any field. Thus, we can make them who received fellowship or win award such as Nobel Prizes as our models to achieve goals in any field like them.

China Evasive of Number of Student Killed in Quake

An earthquake is very dangerous to people because it cause so much destruction and death. There are many damage and people injured in earthquakes. It will be happen in different ways. Some country was involved in earthquakes. China evasive on number of student killed in quake because they were unsure the exact number of student victims.

88,000 people were dead or missing, 375,000 were injured and left more than five million homeless in earthquakes. There is also around 14,000 schools suffered damage in the earthquakes. The number of protest parents about their child that dead in quake were increase because they cannot find the exact number of student victims although 10 month later after earthquakes. For instance, the parents are very angry and suffered because of dead children. Hence, earthquake makes people fear because there are many damages because of it.

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Let's take care of our mental health

This article is about how American people take care of mental health in their life. This problem was being a common case in there and people in America were habitual when they hear about this case. In this article, the author suggests a few suggestions that can help people handle their mental from having trouble.

The suggestion like try to form an implement wellness program that people will feel respected. Then, there are also a company’s offers some free psychological assistance to their employees which is the employees always be stress in their job and can be close with mental problem. While people will have the mental problem, there must have a mass violence on campus, a mass violence at workplace and can be close in crime. Thus, I recommend public to keep professional by taking care of our mental health that be good for evade from various trouble.

Effects of Coffee and Tea on Diabetes

In this world, we know that common beverage like coffee and tea is popular to drink for all people in this world. However, there are some effects that can bring it on diabetes. Based on the article, the research shown that men who drank 6 cups of coffee a day reduced their chances of developing type-2 diabetes by half, and women who drank the same amount cut their risk by 30 percent. In earlier studies, Dutch researchers discovered that there are compounds in coffee that aid the body's metabolism of sugar. Their study involved 17,000 men and women in the Netherlands.

The theory is that the beneficial chemicals are able to offset the damage done by the caffeine. Tea also has an effect on diabetes. Drinking tea can improve insulin activity up to 15 times, and it can be black, green or oolong. Herbal teas don't have any effect. The active compounds don't last long in the body, so you would have to drink a cup or more of tea every few hours to maintain the benefit. Thus, I recommend the people to don’t always drink coffee and tea for our health.



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Scientist read minds with brain scanner

Scientist of University College London, have find that some impossible to belief, but they still in research to read minds with brain scanner. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging can tell us how their function to prove that mind can read. They can detect changes in blood flow and amount of oxygen use in different areas, because areas that more active take more oxygen and automatic required more blood. Besides that ,this research have some essential purpose or subject like to expose way for understanding how other memories are coded in the brain, after that can help to understand how disease such as Alzheimer erode memory. Hence, this technique can help the medical research.

Global warming affects food supplies for Antarctic wildlife

Populations of Adelie penguins are decreased it is influence that changing wind patterns that related to global warming that causing basic food ( plankton ) declining in the northern port of the Antarctica peninsula reaching toward south America , besides that phytoplankton changes and population . Therefore , wheather is important influence for supplies basic food for some life.

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UNIT 6 : The Earth’s Resources and Dangers

Chapter 1 : How An Antarctic Worm Makes Antifreeze And What That Has To Do With Climate Change

The article showed how an Antarctic worm makes antifreeze and what that has to do with climate change. Two Brigham Young University are reporting hardy worm that withstands its cold climate by cranking out antifreeze in Antarctic. Other that, the genes the worm can to kick in its antifreeze system can be useful information. In his research, Adam told that another species of nematode plays a large role in the amount of carbon cycled through the soil. Whereupon, fluctuations in temperature are diminishing the warm population.
After that, Adams and Adhikari take the next step with their analysis of the genes of their latest subject, a species of nematode that lives in wetter areas of Antartica’s interiar. These genes that the worm uses to put its environment means it is likely going to flourish as Antartica gets wetter, Adams says, while other nematode species diminish. That’s how this molecular-lever research ties back into predicting how the composition and distribution of soil species will change in response to climate change. The research is funded by the National Science Foundation : Diana H.Wall of Colorado State University is also a co-author on the paper.

Chapter 2 : Scientist Find Black Gold Amidst Overlooked Data

The article talk about scientist find black gold amidst overlooked data. Recently, scientist found black gold bubbling up from on otherwise undistinguished mass of ocean imagery. They found that they could detect oil seeping naturally from the seafloor of the Gulf of Mexico by examining streaks amid the reflected sunlight on the ocean’s surface. The new technique could provide a more timely and cost-effective means to survey the ocean for oil seeps, to monitor oil slicks, and to differentiate human-induced spills from seeps. Using camera and of the light reflection, oil creates contrasting swaths that can show up in airborne images as either or darker than the surrounding waters.
Hu actually happened upon the oil imagery while looking for signs of harmful algal blooms commonly referred to as “red tide” in the western Gulf of Mexico. Examining MODIS images, he kept noticing streaks across the sun glint reflections. The new method is not perfect, as cloud cover or a lack of sun glint can limit its use. Hu and colleagues suggest it may be best used as a complement to SAR, which penetrates cloud cover and can be tilted to get the necessary imaging angle.